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All of us have needs which are met through transportation. Some of those needs, such as travelling to work or school and accessing medical appointments are essential to our economy and health. Other needs, such as visiting family members and travelling to nearby community events are essential to our social well-being.


While the very large majority of our transportation needs are met through use of personal vehicles, other ways of travelling play a very important role in our communities. Our aging parents can benefit from access to a range of alternatives once they no longer drive and our teens can benefit from access to a range of alternatives before they are able to drive. The cost of personal vehicles is a barrier for some. And today there are some who seek alternatives as their own contribution to concerns over climate. Whether in a small way or a large way, for ourselves or our community, we all have a stake in transportation alternatives.


Browse the FlipBooks HERE to appreciate how other rural municipalities have used innovative thinking to help meet their transportation needs. The Huntley Community Association  has initiated a "Carp Transportation Study" to examine the need for improved transportation options and, depending on the established needs, to make recommendations  for possible solutions. We are working to ensure that the rural transportation needs are included in Ottawa long-term planning. 

The study will initially focus on the Village of Carp and the Carp Road Corridor population. But others living or working in Rural Ottawa are invited to contribute to the study as the results can be shared with other rural communities seeking transportation solutions across West Carleton and other areas of Rural Ottawa. We will also be co-operating with other like-minded groups working on similar challenges in rural Ottawa.

Please take a few minutes to participate in our SURVEY and feel free to provide us with any additional comments. When completing the questionnaire, questions can be addressed to us at the CONTACT tab. 

The results and HCA recommendations for next steps will be published once the responses have been analyzed.